World-Class Infrastructure


99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Ensuring maximum availability and minimal disruptions for your hosted app.

Safe and Secured

Protecting your data with robust security measures.

Dedicated Support

Expert assistance to address all of your needs.

Build, Optimize, Release!

Build Android Apps

Comply with all Google Play Store guidelines, build and deploy both APK & AAB versions of your app.

Build IOS Apps

Create your iOS apps, generate essential certficates and push them to the App Store.

Hosting for every app



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App Platform Solutions

Digital Quest Launchr enables development and operations teams to deliver business value faster, more securely, and at scale in a multi-cloud world.

Powerful Server Network

Built-in security, end-to-end

We protect your customers personal data, ensuring privacy and sustaining the integrity of your applications

Cloud based infrastructure

Easily manage your data across multiple websites or applications through use of our API

Lightning fast performance

Power your applications with unparalleled speed and efficiency

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Application Modernization


What is Launchr?

Digital Quest Launchr empowers businesses to excel in a multi-cloud landscape by facilitating efficient and secure operation of applications across diverse cloud environments, fostering developer productivity and innovation.

How is Launchr aligned to web technologies?

Launchr seamlessly aligns with web technologies through its robust integration capabilities, connecting effortlessly with leading platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce using via custom API.

How can Digital Quest help my organization modernize?

We provide the technologies to build, manage and launch new projects and modernize existing applications.

Support for all